Sample Parts
Representative samples of the varied, precision work performed by PMI. Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of each image.

All images on are Copyright (C) 2006, Precision Machine & Instrument Co.

V2 Decoupler and V2 Jr. with locking rings. This product is made of dis-similar materials for "damping" and is used by the audio industry to "decouple" speakers from the floor to allow improvement in all ranges of sound/motion and associated audio quality.


A sample of items manufactured by PMI that serve the Audio, High Pressure Fluid, Marine Navigation, Down Hole Instrumentation, Sub-Sea Exploration and Defense Industries -- with quality machined components


Inspecting critical dimensions of a "Gun Base" used in the undustrial foam application industry.


V2 series "Cone Tip & Cup". The hardened stainless steel tip is used with the specially machine cup to protect expensive flooring while enhancing the operation of the V2 unit.


"Streamline Flow Generator" -- This item establishes laminar flow in high pressure water nozzles used in Hydro-Demolition.


Inspection of critical bores for a rocket nozzle used in the defense industry.


Components used in high pressure chemical metering pumps. To give an idea of scale, the largest part is .250 in diameter.


"Rotary Cam" that is used by high production machine tools to index carbide inserts on-the-fly. These components require 4-axis programming and machining, another specialty of PMI.


Sonar Shaft used by explorers to find the sunken wreck of the Titanic.


Component used in Down Hole Instrumentation that represents different machining challenges that are easily produced by PMI through the use of advanced and proprietary workholding solutions.


"Brush Holder" that is used by the automotive industry to apply adhesives to vehicles prior to the installation of the interiors. Yet another item that PMI was able to help the customer design by drawing on the vast knowledge of its workforce.


"Virgin Teflon Clamp" used in the Space Shuttle Program to confine tools within the cabin. The softwness of the material, combined with the geometry and tolerances of the component represented many machining and workholding challenges. These were overcome through the application of PMI's proprietary clamping solutions.


Thread inspection of a High Pressure Coupling for chemical metering.


Enclosures for Marine Navigation instruments.


Actuator parts used in the population of circuit boards for the computer industry.


"Gun Base" (left) for industrial foam application and a "Lid Cam" (right) used in the food packaging industry to seal coffee cans.


Rocket nozzle used in the defense industry.


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